Amy Poeppel

Summer Reading for Serious Procrastinators and Other Happy People

Procrastination is a part of the writing life. All writers have their favorite dodges for the blank page. I have not one, but two, preferred methods of goldbricking. First, organizing! There’s always a closet or drawer that needs arranging – or re-arranging. If not, I allow myself to be sucked into the black hole of the Instagram account of The Home Edit. Try it, you’ll like it.

To Pair with Peaches: Summer Reading 2017

Recent discovery: When you’re writing a book, you have less time to read. Nevertheless, it’s summer! Prime time for book reading. So here are some options for the beach, your commute, or when you really need your mind taken off things because your flight is delayed -- again. Please note: all of these pair well with peaches and it's that time, too…

Books I Bought and Read 100%

The Chief Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny