Best day...? Best year...? Best decade?

I am loving the blog HEY NATALIE JEAN these days! It is a sweet peek into the life of a mom and her toddler. I am endlessly nostalgic about motherhood. For several years, I was obsessed with A Baby Story on the Discovery Channel. It followed parents during the final weeks of pregnancy, into the delivery room and then through the first few weeks after the baby's birth. It allowed me to live vicariously without the sleep deprivation and gestational diabetes. Don't bother watching it now; it's not the same show any more. But you can check out HEY NATALIE JEAN. A friend recently asked people to post the 10-year period in their lives that had been the best and why. Thinking about this, brought to mind that scene in The Way We Were, when JJ and Hubbell, out for an afternoon sail, play the "Best... " game. "Best Saturday afternoon..." "Best day..." and when they get to "Best year..." Hubbell starts naming, one by one, all the years he was with Katie. And that's my answer to my friend, one by one, the two and a half decades of my daughter's life. Those were -- are -- the best. In no small part because they were filled with the kind of moments Natalie Jean writes love letters to on her blog.